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Welcome to Chekckpoint Holiday Holidaycheck24

with us to find individual journeys that they would never find their usual travel agency. With our help they will be brought to places from which they never heard. They make enough of the typical trip to Mallorca and Ibiza! or every year in the beautiful country such as Fly Greece, Italy, and Spain, however, are always on the same beaches that are packed with tourists!

Those days are over as of today, we bring them to the other end of the world where it has never deserted beaches gibt.nur where they can relax as they have always wanted. If they do not want to fly so far they are determined surprised about the beautiful secret places we have for them in their neighboring countries


Dear friends,

here on this page you can see some examples of our offerings, we have prepared for you!
Simply browse through our menu and be surprised!

In the current winter season offers Finland snow, unspoiled nature, tranquility and adventure. Whether Husky sleigh rides, snowmobile safari or visit the Santa Claus at the Arctic Circle. Trails, slopes and opportunities to hike through deep snow-covered landscapes offer ideal conditions all winter athletes away from the famous and lively resorts in central Europe.

finnland Huskyschlittenfahrt

An expedition cruise to Antarctica is the dream of life for many travelers. Moreover, the time in South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Not only the fascinating history of Falkland Islands, it is also the home to five species of penguin, and in this time of year to observe the nests of albatrosses. South Georgia is often called the pearl of the Southern Ocean with its spectacular mountains and incredibly large King penguin. The continuation of the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands. Experience places of historic and scientific interest and the rich wildlife.

Expeditionskreuzfahrt in die antarktis

None of Safari you are the nature and culture of Namibia as close to the camping safari. You drive a big SUV and a well-trained guides through the wilderness of Namibia and to take many unforgettable walks.

The place where you spend your night varies between very comfortable campsites with swimming pool and bathing facilities and the untouched nature, without any luxury.
For nature lovers, photographers and adventurers, this is exactly the right safari to the wilds of Namibia to experience firsthand.



In 2009's goes from 1 August to 21 August on the Kazantip Party in Ukraine again mightily to the cause. Over 400 DJ's, the island has to offer einheizen. A total of 10 different dance floors, there is within the Kazantip republic and a floor of unusual and spectacular than the last. One floor is on a platform at sea, just above the water. The second floor is in a huge circus tent. Another is ten meters high above the sandy beach in the style of a flying ufo's and then someone else in the style of a Roman Colosseum.

There are over 400 DJ's launch. Apart from Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Sven Väth following DJ's have her appear for Ukraine confirms kazantip Party 2009:

Kazantip party

Sleeping in an Igloo - Igloo Hotel in

For 12 years, starting in Scuol allows the igloo-village at different places, stay in their igloo villages. In the 2009/10 season are created in Switzerland in Davos-Klosters, Engelberg, Gstaad, Zermatt, now in St. Moritz, the Zugspitze in Germany and in Andorra, the tunnel-related snow mazes. From Christmas until mid-April can be visited at any time the Igloo Bar, will be performed in various concerts and stayed an igloo-type), including cheese fondue night (snowshoe), migration and wellness programs (whirlpool or sauna.

igloo hotel


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